CORESOUND™ 8" 50W 100V Ceiling Speaker - White
  • CORESOUND™ 8" 50W 100V Ceiling Speaker - White

    SKU: LS-IC801T-W

    The 8” 2-way coaxial loudspeaker is a high performance loudspeaker designed for professional paging and background music applications. It delivers fullness of sound and clear, natural speech reproduction, making it well-suited to high energy front-of-house applications where noise levels are expected to be high. These include fashion retail stores, fast food outlets, and other high energy commercial environments. The loudspeaker benefits from a broad usable frequency range and wide conical dispersion, ensuring intelligible audio coverage over a wide area. With a built-in 100V line transformer and three 100V taps, the loudspeaker can be used in 100V line distributed audio systems. Flexible installation options include flush-mounting or surface-mounting and suspension using a back-can solution.

    Colour: White