IO Series™ 6” IP66 100V Plastic Cabinet Speaker - Black

IO Series™ 6” IP66 100V Plastic Cabinet Speaker - Black

Sold in pairs

The Evoson IO™ 6” plastic cabinet speaker is a full-range loudspeaker suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


This versatile middle-of-the-range model benefits from a 6” high output woofer and 1” voice coil compression driver, ensuring clarity and balanced sound in professional public address and background music applications.


This IP66 rated loudspeaker is protected against water and dust ingress, ensuring optimal performance even in extreme conditions. With a built-in 100V line transformer and four 100V taps, the loudspeaker can be used in 100V line distributed audio systems or in low impedance systems using an 8 Ohm connection.


Ideal outdoors or in humid indoor environments such as swimming pools.

  • Technical Specifications

    LF Driver 1 x 6.5"
    HF Driver 1 x 1"
    Impedance (LowZ) 8 Ω
    Output SPL 86 ±3 dB
    Resonant Frequency (FO) 90 ±20 Hz
    Frequency Range FO~20 KHz ±3 dB
    Line Input 100 V
    Transformer Power 40 W
    Power Taps (100v)

    5 W

    10 W

    20 W


    Dimensions (H x W x D) 280mm x 200mm x 195mm
    Net Weight 3.45kg
  • EAN Number

    697079020 056 7

  • Warranty

    24 Months Standard Manufacturer's Warranty