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Following the success of their energetic cycling fusion class, Rhythm, David Lloyd Clubs wanted to develop another spin class option that uses technology to motivate members to push harder.

The Challenge

To deliver an impactful class that pushed their members, David Lloyd required powerful and reliable sound.


Their inspiring instructors required a means to be heard clearly over the driving music, to deliver clear instructions to members. 

The Vision

With Cyclone, David Lloyd wanted to bring motivating lighting, pumping music and cutting edge integrations together to create a class that boosts cycling performance.

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The Solution

We used a range of products to deliver a full, impactful sound. 


Our sound experts worked with David Lloyd’s technology partner from an early stage to map out the audio requirements for every studio in the initial roll-out. This ensured that the audio system was optimised for each individual studio, maximising the sound experience for David Lloyd’s members.


A row of WS8 loudspeakers was installed at the front of larger studios to deliver full-range audio, backed up our powerful WS212 series sub-woofers.


Due to space restrictions, some studios couldn’t fit the row of WS8s. In these cases, we used a pair of WS10s driven at a higher level.


To empower David Lloyd’s instructors, we equipped them with our Active Pro headmic paired with Shure wireless systems. 

The Result

Cyclone has already been rolled out to over 40 sites and has had a fantastic response from David Lloyd’s members.


Thanks to our audio products, the sonic experience of every Cyclone class compliments the lighting and app integrations to create a truly immersive experience.

Following the initial success, another rollout is planned for 2021/22 across  the UK and Europe where the Evoson product range will continue to deliver experiential sound.

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Evoson™ is a pro audio product developer established in 2010. Our founding premise was to provide reliable core audio products that deliver exceptional audio performance at exceptional consumer price.

Evoson products are the result of decades of cumulative audio engineering experience. Our commitment to core audio principles, kept simple, lets us develop authentic and accessible pro audio products that marry simplicity, function, and price.

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