Cabinet Loudspeakers

Evoson Peaksound range of cabinet loudspeakers including 15" subwoofer
Full-range loudspeakers

Evoson PEAKSOUND™ are full-range cabinet speakers that deliver exceptional clarity and depth of sound. Engineered for use in distributed audio systems and other demanding professional applications.

Horizontally mounted black Evoson cabinet loudspeaker with rotatable badge
Bringing sound to the fore

Specially designed with a wide controlled coverage pattern for vertical or horizontal mounting and consistently balanced sound, making PEAKSOUND™ suitable for a wide variety of installed foreground and background applications.

Vertical white Evoson cabinet speaker and horizontal black loudspeaker with badge rotated

Scalable sound with a cabinet for every application. A range of sizes, installation options, and a rotatable badge feature make PEAKSOUND™ loudspeakers an ideal addition to contemporary commercial interiors.