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We helped the authentic boxing gym JAB create an audio experience that enhanced their training sessions while keeping noise to a minimum for neighbouring residents. 

The Vision

Focus your mind. Be unstoppable.


JAB founders, Jamie and George wanted to bring a boxing experience with a difference to central London. Inspired by boxing legends and armed with the core values of ‘Authenticity, Passion and Camaraderie’, they set out to create the world’s first authentic boxing experience.


The Challenge

To help create an authentic experience, Jamie and George wanted quality audio in their London studio. They specified that their instructors had to be heard with maximum clarity over any level or intensity of audio in the studio.


Additionally, as the gym was in a residential area there were occupied flats above the gym. Residents could hear the audio clearly from four floors up, so we had to provide a solution that would allow the gym and residents to live in harmony.


And finally, as a smaller independent gym, while they wanted great audio they were working to a tight budget. 


The Solution

We used a range of our audio products across the whole JAB gym. 


In the reception area, we used our PEAKSOUND™ WS6 cabinet speakers, primarily for background music, but with the capability of being cranked up when required. 


Eighteen PEAKSOUND™ WS8’s were installed in the main studio and personal training zone. These powerful speakers deliver calibrated music and vocals for the classes.


We used our duet audio architecture so the JAB instructors could be heard over the class soundtrack. By reducing vocal output to the full range music speakers and employing a second set of vocal-only speakers, we provided high levels of vocal clarity throughout the classes. 

We extended the audio experience across the rest of the site using our CORESOUND™ 8” bezel-less ceiling speakers in the changing rooms and corridor areas. 


To ensure maximum audio output with minimum disruption to the neighbours, we worked with acousticians throughout and after the project. This allowed us to tweak the system carefully to find the optimum audio balance.


All our products are best-in-class for the price bracket, so JAB could be sure of quality audio at a great price.

The Result

JAB now deliver their authentic boxing sessions in a space filled with great sound. Thanks to well thought-out speaker selection and careful calibration, their gym audio packs a punch while not disturbing the nearby residents.


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