Ceiling Speakers

Front view of Evoson CORESOUND ceiling speaker without grille
Simplicity speaks

Evoson CORESOUND™ loudspeakers are high quality, affordable ceiling speakers suitable for indoor public & commercial environments including hospitality, retail, bars, restaurants, health & fitness centres, public buildings and corporate facilities.  

Front view of bezel-less white Evoson ceiling speaker showing removable grille

A coaxial model for precision-directed audio and rich, consistent coverage, or a cost effective dual cone alternative. Ideal for professional applications including paging and public address, foreground music, and ambient background sound.

Side view of white Evoson ceiling speaker with grille
Low profile

CORESOUND™ ceiling speakers benefit from simple installation and sleek, discreet design. The range includes a classic slim bezel model with detachable grille, and a bezel-less model with elegant magnetic grille.