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7 reasons to choose the PEAKSOUND™ WS8

An Evoson WS8 cabinet loudspeaker on a white background

The PEAKSOUND™ WS8 8” 2-way loudspeaker cabinet continues to be one of our most popular models. It’s a speaker we are proud of, and with a range of great features it’s easy to see why.

Read on for seven reasons why you should choose the PEAKSOUND™ WS8 for your next audio installation.

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1. Designed for a variety of applications

A ceiling-mounted Evoson WS8 loudspeaker

As a versatile cabinet loudspeaker, the WS8 is a great solution for many different applications. From small fitness studios to large corporate venues, the WS8 provides a great sound quality for any space.

At only 25cm wide and 43cm tall and just over 25cm deep, the compact size of the speaker means it can fit into a range of spaces, but it’s still big enough to pack the punch needed for a full sound profile.

2. A clear and powerful sound experience

Featuring an 8” high-efficiency woofer and a 1” high-frequency tweeter, this 2-way loudspeaker cabinet delivers exceptional accuracy and clarity.

3. Versatile mounting options

A wall mounted Evoson WS8 cabinet loudspeaker in a gym space

Thanks to a specifically designed U-Bracket, the WS8 can be mounted both horizontally and vertically. Its 180° rotation range allows the speaker to be perfectly positioned in any given space.

4. Reliable speakON® connectors

A speakon connector plugged into the back of an Evoson WS8 cabinet speaker

Like all of our cabinet loudspeakers, the WS8 features two speakON® connectors for reliable connections with easy link-through to other cabinets. These connectors come with a useful locking design that eliminates connection fallout. They also carry more current than the standard 1/4” connectors and are specially designed for high current environments.

5. Rotatable horn

The WS8 benefits from a rotatable horn with a wide controlled coverage pattern. This horn ensures tonal balance and consistent sound quality when mounted in both horizontal and vertical positions. The rotatable logo badge also means the speaker looks great either way.

6. Integrated protection

We know that our speakers are often used in high-intensity environments. The WS8 features an advanced integrated protection circuit that avoids tweeter damage when an overload occurs.

7. Intuitive control

A custom iPad control unit for gym audio and lighting

The WS8 is designed to be used alone or as part of a wider audio system. Thanks to the speakON® connectors it can be easily linked with other Evoson products to create a distributed audio system.

We also work with AV specialists to create tailored audio control systems. Using bespoke tablet software, management of the sound system is made intuitive and on-brand.


There you have it, seven reasons to choose our WS8 cabinet loudspeaker.

If you’re looking to take your audio to the next level, book a free audio consultation with our helpful team of experts. They’ll talk you through our products and advise on how to create the best sound in your space.


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