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How gym sound systems create incredible fitness experiences

A gym member doing a sit up towards the camera

The sound in your gym plays an integral part in your member experience and research has shown that adding music to workouts can benefit motivation and output. Playing the right music is only one part of the equation though; a great gym sound system is a vital part of your overall member journey.

Read on to find out a few of our top tips to make the most of your gym sound.

In this guide:

  • Use a distributed audio system to improve your overall experience

  • Equip your instructors with a quality headmic

  • Create balanced audio levels

  • Integrate the sound with your other systems

  • Music choice that enhances your brand

Use a distributed audio system to improve your overall experience

A ceiling-mounted Evoson WS series loudspeaker

Walking into a space that’s playing music that you love instantly makes you feel upbeat. But why wait till your members are in the studio?

A centrally controlled distributed audio system allows you to play on-brand music across your whole facility. Using multiple amplifiers allows you to create different zones where specific music can be played, as well as areas that are used solely for public announcements.

Don’t skimp on the background sound systems either – using good quality ceiling speakers in your social spaces or changing rooms can really elevate your facility’s look and feel.

Equip your instructors with a quality headmic

A smiling group-ex instructor wearing an Active Pro Instructor Headmic

Instructor-led group exercise is typically paired with loud music. It’s vital that instructors are clearly understood without having to raise their voice or turn the music down. Equipping them with a great wireless microphone system gives them freedom of movement while staying audible over the driving beats.

As they’ll be teaching for hours a day, ensure you find a headset that is comfortable and robust like the Evoson ACTIVE PRO™. Check out our Fitness headset buying guide to help you know what else to look for in a headset microphone.

Create balanced audio levels

A rack-mounted mixer

You want the music to complement your classes, not drown them out. Getting the right balance between music and vocals takes some real expertise.

Your audio specialist should get you fully set-up but be sure to familiarise your instructors with the correct levels before taking a class. This gives them control over how they want the class to feel, as well as protecting your sound system from damage through misuse.

An additional element that only a professional can get right is the calibration of your sound system. Through careful calculations, a professional sound engineer can calibrate speaker timings to create a perfect sound experience anywhere in your studio.

Integrate the sound with your other systems

A spin class with bright digital strip lighting and a large curved video wall

Making sound part of a wider integrated system creates a more immersive experience for your members. On many projects we work with specialists like Hutchison Technologies and Music Concierge to tie the sound into the whole experience through custom light integrations, intuitive iPad controllers and class schedulers.

Integrating your sound in a wider AV solution not only creates a better experience for your members but also makes life easier for your club managers and instructors. Automation software ensures classes start on time complete with pre-programmed audio and lighting, letting your instructors concentrate on the most important thing; your members.

Music choice that enhances your brand

A mixing deck at Gymbox gym

Finally, make the music you play over your gym sound system a part of your brand. The music you choose can change how your members think, lift their mood and influence their behaviour, so take time to curate playlists that reflect how you want your brand to be perceived.

Gymbox are a great example of creating on-brand playlists. They take their music choice to the next level by having in-house DJ’s that play at their studios, creating a nightclub atmosphere that matches their brand.


Maybe you already have a sound system in your gym that needs updating, or you’re looking to add sound as part of a new studio. For the best results, talk to a sound expert who will work with you map out your space and work around your requirements.

At Evoson we’ve been working with the fitness industry for over 10 years. Our engineers’ knowledge of real-world applications combined with speaker design expertise makes Evoson products a perfect fit for any space.

Get in touch today for a free audio design consultation.


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