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How sound experts create amazing experiences through fitness audio systems

A sound engineer amending architectural plans for a fitness audio systmem

Something great group exercise studios are getting right these days is attention to detail. They’re looking beyond the class content and instructors, fine-tuning the look and feel of the space as a whole. Fitness audio systems are a vital part of this, and more studios outside the boutique sector are starting to emulate the up-market audio experience.

In this post we'll talk you through the key points that experts use to create incredible experiences using well crafted fitness audio systems.

In this guide:

A fitness instructor connecting her headset microphone
A great fitness headset microphone enables your instructors to be heard above the noise of a class

Start with a great fitness microphone

Great studio classes need clear guidance from the instructor. That's why choosing the right headset microphone for your fitness instructors is so important. Make sure it’s comfortable to wear, hygienic to share among multiple instructors if required, has a strong cable and is sweat resistant. Even the best fitness microphones will soon decline in audio quality if moisture gets inside.

Check out our fitness instructor headset microphone buying guide for more tips on finding the perfect headset for you.

Two ceiling hung loudspeakers as part of a fitness audio system
Optimising your speaker set-up can have a huge impact on your sound experience

Optimising your fitness studio loudspeakers

Loudspeaker volume

Make sure your speakers are calibrated to the optimal volume for your fitness space. Having multiple smaller horn loudspeakers at a lower volume will make for a more pleasant member experience than one or two large speakers at top volume. Getting your audio consultant to do a full sound calibration can make a huge difference to the overall experience.

Optimal speaker positioning for your space

The shape and construction materials of the room will also have a significant impact on the sound experience. Assuming you have a traditional sprung wood, mirrored studio space, we recommend mounting multiple speakers along the ceiling in repeating horizontal rows, facing downwards at 45°. This will overcome any potential reverb in the centre of the room.

An tablet set up for fitness sound system automation control
Automated control for your audio and lighting simplifies workload and ensures a seamless experience

Simple audio control

Part of a great studio experience is avoiding disruption. Using automated audio systems like these from Hutchison Technologies can avoid most potential set-up issues. No "which switch lowers the volume?" or "my mic won't connect". A simple control pad with pre-programmed settings allows your instructors to focus on the participants. This is especially useful if you use a lot of freelance instructors.

To simplify this further, look for a system that also controls the lighting automation of your fitness studio.

Sound engineer running maintenance on a fitness audio system
Give your sound system a regular health check to avoid expensive repairs

Pro-active maintenance

Finally, great studio sound needs to be maintained. Getting an annual check-up of your audio system helps catch any problems before they become expensive replacements. Most major problems can be avoided by not overloading your speakers and ensuring you don't have excess humidity causing water damage.


Book a free fitness audio consultation

Our audio engineers have been creating great sound experiences through fitness audio systems for over a decade, working with leading brands like David Lloyd, Gymbox and Places Leisure to create unique experiences.

To book an audio design consultation with our audio experts, register your interest here.


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