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7 reasons to choose the Evoson Active Pro Headset Microphone

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We designed our Active Pro Headset Microphone with instructors in mind. It’s already a favourite with instructors from big operators like David Lloyd, Places Leisure and Gymbox, so we thought we’d let you know what all the hype is about.

Read on for seven reasons why you should choose the Active Pro when looking for your next instructor headset microphone.

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Lightweight, anti-fatigue design

Our product designers know how much instructors push themselves during their classes. They knew they had to create a robust headmic that would stand the test of time.

The result was a comfortable and lightweight headset microphone with a low-profile, anti-fatigue design. The self-adjusting headband also ensures a secure and comfortable fit throughout the class.

Complete freedom

Being part of a wireless microphone system, the Evoson Active Pro gives you total freedom to move. It connects to most brands of wireless belt-packs via a 1.2m steel core cable to reduce tangling issues or tugging from a cable shortage.

The headmic also keeps your hands free, so you can concentrate on what you’re there to do; run awesome group exercise classes!

Moisture-repellent material

The Active Pro Headset Microphone has a hydrophobic, moisture-repelling construction to protect against damage from water and sweat ingress. Every headset also comes with six water-repellent windshields to extend the life of the microphone capsule.

Crystal clear projection

The Evoson Active Pro offers outstanding vocal clarity and maximum background noise rejection due to the super cardioid polar pattern microphone.

The flexible boom also enables instructors to easily get the microphone into the perfect position while the foam windshields minimise unwanted plosives.

High compatibility

Available with four connector options to support most main brands of wireless microphone systems, the Active Pro is a versatile instructor microphone. The options include a 3.5mm Jack connector, Hirose four-pin connector and Mini XLR 3 pin connector and Mini XLR 4 pin connector. All connectors are locking to minimise product damage during even the most intense workouts.

"To find out exactly what connector goes with what wireless transmitter, browse through our headset microphone connector checklist."

Durable cable

We know that wireless mic systems see a lot of hard use, so we fitted the Active Pro with a 1.2m high tensile steel core cable. This offers unique strain relief that reduces the risk of kinks and breaks and improves durability.

Trusted by instructors

And if all those reasons weren’t enough, don’t take it from us. Like many instructors, Group Exercise Instructor and Personal Trainer at David Lloyd, Charlotte Runcie swears by her Active Pro:

"The HIIT workouts I teach typically pair with loud music, so it's important to me that everyone can understand my instructions clearly without raising my voice or turning the music down. The ACTIVE PRO Headset has allowed me to do just that.
"I often teach up to four classes a day, and I have found the mic to be comfortable and secure throughout, no matter how intense the exercise I demo."

​Charlotte Runcie

Group Exercise Instructor and Personal Trainer

David Lloyd


If you’re looking for a robust headset microphone to enhance your group ex classes, the Active Pro is a solid choice. Browse the collection or get in touch with our team to discuss your requirements.

If you’re looking for a more complete audio package, why not book a free audio consultation and our experienced team will help you bring great sound to your venue.

And if you're keen to keep reading, check out out out Fitness Headset Microphone Buying Guide or find out how gym audio systems create incredible fitness experiences.


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