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Controlling acoustic comfort in a spa environment

A young woman relaxing in a spa pool

When people visit a spa, they want it to be a soothing, all-encompassing experience.

Spas are particularly challenging acoustic environments. With plenty of reflective surfaces and the hum of background noise, there’s a lot to contend with. Vibrations from the pool plant, ventilation systems, etc. are all aspects that can detract from the desired calming experience.

Read on for our top tips on how to control the acoustic comfort in your spa.

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Smart architectural design

Look at ways to control the acoustic comfort of the spa through architectural design. Straying away from large open plan spaces, and instead opting for half-height or full-height dividing walls in the space can enhance both acoustic and visual aesthetics.

These also provide an opportunity to finetune speaker placement, creating a more intimate, subdued and softer atmosphere than can be achieved in a large-scale open space.

Material choice

Designer sound absorbent panels

Consider investing in materials with acoustic-absorbent qualities, such as rugs and pillows. These soft furnishings absorb sound, helping to create a more balanced audio experience.

There is also a wide range tasteful of products, specifically designed to absorb sound and look great at the same time. These absorber panels from GIK Acoustics come in a variety of styles to fit into any space.

“Environmental noise and reverberant room acoustics are proven to cause discomfort and restlessness. Acoustically optimised environments have a relaxing and calming effect, which is integral for any spa environment.”

Lukas Rimbach | Manager of Customer Service, GIK Acoustics

An eco wall with a wooden structure throughout

To enhance the overall luxurious experience, consider sourcing ecological, sustainable, renewable, green materials. Eco walls are a great option, with an attractive characteristic style that naturally absorbs sound. These also have the added benefits of all that plant life can bring to a spa space.

Speaker choice

Evoson wall mounted cabinet speakers in a spa

Ensure you choose an audio system that can deliver the spectrum of frequencies recognised as having health and relaxation benefits. Not all speakers can cover the range required, so consult an expert to ensure you get a system that can create the experience your clients deserve.

Soothing playlists

Once you’ve got the acoustics right, it’s time to pick some soothing soundtracks for your guests to relax to. By working with specialist music companies like Music Concierge you can create a unique and premium experience for your visitors. The Music Concierge team make it their mission to create bespoke playlists that create luxury experiences.


Getting the sound in your spa right can be challenging, but if you follow these tips you’ll be able to deliver a fantastic audio that enhances your spa experience.

Talk to our experts today if you’re looking to create a new spa experience or looking to upgrade an existing space.


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